Our Story

Authentic Dominican, Cuban, and

Puerto Rican Cuisine


Our Story

Authentic Dominican, Cuban, and

Puerto Rican Cuisine


How it all started...

When Johnny Martinez moved to the US to play professional baseball, he was always looking for a place where he could eat authentic Caribbean cuisine... and found nothing. To solve his problem, he and his business partner Warren Duval started their OWN catering company where Johnny could have a little taste of home. After some deliberation and some menu experimentations, Mi Caribe was born.

Our food is a fusion of Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Dominican flavors cooked by our talented chefs, who all speak English as a second language.







Mi Caribe Menu


Mofongo: a Dominican staple made with mashed green plantains and pork molded into a ball. Plain, topped with fried pork, chicken, beef or shrimp

Quipe: whole wheat encrusted ground beef seasonings, and olives (deep fried)

Croquetas de Pollo: four flour and chicken croquettes rolled and deep fried

Empanadas: three pastries filled with beef, chicken, spinach, shrimp, or ham and cheese

Chicken Wings: Dominican style wings- BBQ, buffalo, mango/ curry, siracha/ hoisin, or sweet and spicy

Masitas de Pollo Frito: three fried chicken tenders marinated with Dominican seasoning

Pasteles de Yucca: yucca, yello plantain, and picadillo, steamed in a banana leaf

Sancocho: traditional Dominican style with yams, plantain, potato, squash, yucca, beef, and chicken

Ensalate de Sandia: watermelon, lettuce, tomato, an avocado with lemon vinaigrette



Tostada de Platano: grilled chicken, guac, and swiss between two large tostones (side of rice and beans only)

Hamburguesa Dominicana: sofrito marinated ground beef with cheese, tomato, onions, and lettuce

Cubano: baked pork, ham, dill, pickle, swiss, mustard, and mayo on a pressed baguette

Pan con Puerco: roast pork topped with garlic mojo sauce on a pressed baguette



Ropa Vieja: a Cuban classic. Shredded flank steak cooked in sofrito (tomato, garlic, onion, olives, and peppers)

Vaca Frita: shredded flank steak pan browned with onions, peppers, garlic, and soy sauce

Chivo: tender, simmered goat in a savory gravy

Rabo Encendido: oxtail cooked with sofrito and wine gravy

Carne Asada: skirt steak grilled with chimichurri sauce on the side

Vaca con Papas o Tostones: skirt steak grilled and served on top of fries, tostones, or maduro

Picadillo: ground beef, potato, green olives, and raisins browned together



Arroz con Pollo: shredded chicken, seasoned rice, and vegetables

Arroz con Camarones: shrimp, seasoned rice, and vegetables

La Bandera Dominicana: stewed chicken, Dominican style

Dominican Jerk Chicken: spicy and hot jerk chicken



Pescado Frito: fried, whole red snapper

Filete de Pescado a la Criolla: fillet of red snapper pan cooked in a broth with red and green peppers and onions

Camarones Guisado: shrimp cooked with garlic, onions, yellow peppers, and green peppers

Filete de Snapper: filet of red snapper baked in parchment with green olives, thyme, garlic, and cilantro

Fish Tacos: soft tacos, tilapia filet (spicy), sour cream, mango, avocado, cole slaw, and pico



Chuleta: a thick pork chop, marinated Dominican style, deep fried, and topped with onions

Puerco Asado: baked pork with Dominican style marinade

Carnitas Fritas: deep fried pork cubes marinated in garlic and lime, topped with onions

Tazon: baked pork on top of beans and rice, topped with coleslaw, and avocado.




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